Monday, February 15, 2010

How not to treat your students #2

I was talking with a few students in the hallway when a resident, who was in no particular hurry, walked down the hallway and literally pushed us away while saying "Outta the way kiddos!"
WTF? Just because you have an MD doesn't make you any more worthy of the hallways than us. (I replied with "Kiddos? I'm probably older than you!")
Later that week we were all sitting in a room with other residents and attendings, when the same resident walked into the room and said, "Med students, get out of your chairs. I need to work." Granted she may have been doing some important work, but she could treat the students like human beings and ask nicely, rather than ordering us to give up our seats as if we're second class citizens.

There are lots of simple things that residents and attendings could do to make med students enjoy their time in the hospital better. The easiest one is to treat them like normal human beings. I hope I'll treat my students better.

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  1. Boy, you've had quite the run of it with attendings and residents, and this was all on your last rotation? The one I'm on right now? Oi gewalt.