Monday, February 1, 2010

Peds neuro: Can it tear me away from radiology?

On my neurology rotation I was assigned to pediatric neurology, and that random assignment might have changed my career plans. I loved it almost immediately. The patient population seems great. The diseases are often very challenging. And each patient is completely different. Granted for a lot of patients there is no treatment. Although, figuring out the mystery of why something is wrong with someone's child does a lot for both the parents and the child. For those kids for whom a difference can be made, the difference is dramatic. It could change a potentially severely disabled child to a normal, healthy child. Also, adding the normal changes that a child goes through as they get older along with the neurological problems they face is an added factor that makes the field interesting. Finally, the research opportunity is limitless. There is a lot that is not known about the conditions that these kids can suffer from. For many of them there is no treatment available. Also, their disorders shed light onto my field of interest, how the brain works and how the brain's plasticity can be used to overcome their deficits.

Will I go into it? Not sure yet. Radiology is still winning, but peds neuro is a quick second. The training in peds neuro is a little strange (for most people, 2 years of peds, 1 year of adult neuro and 2 years of peds neuro - you have to go through two different matches). Also, I'm not completely sure if I really like the pediatric population... we'll see, my peds rotation is next. Stay tuned.


  1. That's exciting. Glad the good feelings persisted throughout the rotation. Perhaps we can meet up after our rotations next week to exchange notes and maybe afford me an opportunity to meet the little one?

  2. sounds good, let me know later next week.