Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Unnecessary medical procedures

There are international laws against unnecessary medical procedures, but the nuts who run this country are trying to push for exactly that in many states to try to punish women who get abortions. The latest is Virginia who is about to pass a law requiring women to get pre-abortion ultrasounds. It's all to provide just another hurdle for women to go through to have a legal medical procedure. It makes it more difficult and more expensive for women. The heartless idiots who propose such bills, like State Sen. Jill Vogel, lie through their teeth and say things like:

"I view this as a serious women's health issue," Vogel said on her website. "At a minimum, ultrasound is necessary to determine gestational age and that there is no anomaly that could affect the health of the mother or outcome of the procedure."

First of all, State Sen. Jill Vogel... you're not a doctor, so you have no qualifications to make such a statement. Can you tell me what possible anomalies you're looking for? Second, you're lying, plain and simple. You want women to go through this unnecessary medical procedure because you want to make it difficult for women to get abortions, or at best you think that seeing their baby on ultrasound will get women to change their minds.

A second bill that will sail through Virginia's mentally challenged legislation is even more heartless. State Del. Mark Cole "would eliminate that financial support even when a doctor believes an unborn child would be born with a gross and totally incapacitating physical deformity or mental deficiency." This goes beyond just pro-life and pro-choice. People supporting this bill, which constitute a majority of Virginia's house and senate, are just plain psychopaths. I just don't see it any other way. The only thing such a bill results in is to force the mother to go through hell and force the baby to live a few miserable hours to weeks in excruciating pain or discomfort.

Just when I don't think the right can stoop any lower, they keep on proving me wrong.

The only thing Virginia has going for it is State Sen. Janel Howell who "tried to amend it so men seeking prescriptions for erectile dysfunction medication such as Viagra would be required to undergo a rectal exam and cardiac stress test."

She said that's "only fair, that if we're going to subject women to unnecessary procedures, and we're going to subject doctors to having to do things that they don't think is medically advisory."
 (might I suggest transrectal ultrasounds before prescribing ED drugs?)

Of course, as expected, right-winged psychopaths voted it down.

As someone who will have to read ultrasounds in the near future, I would rather give up my career than be forced to interpret the results of an unnecessary medical procedure that the government forces onto it's citizens.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

This is why I don't like religion and everyday business mixing

Jessica Ahlquist is a teenager who fought against blatant display of religion in her public school. She won, with the court finding those displays unconstitutional (it's sad that you even have to take someone to court about something as clear cut as that). Now, her community is treating her like a second class citizen. Freedom From Religion Foundation wanted to send her flowers and not one of the four florists in Cranston, RI wanted to deliver to her. Somehow your religious views make it ok for you to not do your job (and discriminate against others). These 4 florists have been added to the list: Twins Florist, Floral Express, Flowers by Santilli and Greenwood Flower.