Sunday, July 25, 2010

King and King

We've been going to the library and randomly grabbing children's books to read to mxh jr (he has no idea what they're about, so any book will do), and we happened to grab a book called "King and King," about a prince who needs to get married and can't seem to find the right person. All the princesses don't cut it out for him. Finally, he sees the person of his dreams (and from the title you could guess that it wasn't a princess). Pretty cool. It's about time that children get exposed to all types of relationships and learn that love isn't about gender.

Of course, some people aren't happy to see this book in libraries. The Amazon reviews bring out some less-than-enlightened reviews. And someone tried to sue a school for having the book, claiming that "the book in school constituted sexual education without parental notification." Pretty lame... with that logic, you'd better get rid of every other book that ends with "and they lived happily ever after." Luckily, the judge threw the lawsuit out saying, "Diversity is a hallmark of our nation."

Thursday, July 15, 2010

4th year and radiology

So, I've decided to go into radiology and am starting the last year (#8 - can't believe I've spent nearly a decade here) with a radiology clerkship. Since I last took radiology before 3rd year actually started, now that I've actually experienced a lot of what medicine has to offer, sitting behind a resident or attending while they look at images actually isn't that bad. In a previous post I complained about how med students don't get the most exciting experience in radiology, but I've learned on this rotation, that you actually can. The best way to enjoy radiology is to do it yourself. With 3rd year behind me, I can actually make a reasonable attempt at reading some images. So the advice that I've been given (which works pretty well for me) is to find a free computer in the reading rooms and look through the new studies on your own and try to come up with a diagnosis. Then when the resident or attending go over them, you'll get much more out of their discussion. Amazing how in a few weeks those images that I could make little sense of actually start being somewhat meaningful (I'm looking at you ultrasound).