Friday, October 9, 2009

Liberal Swedish Bastards

This happens every year. The Nobel Prize goes to some undeserving person for political reasons. It's all a left-winged conspiracy and a big F-U to George W. Bush. I mean what has Willard Boyle done to deserve the Nobel Prize?? Nothing. Sure he invented the CCD, but isn't it a little premature to be awarding him the Nobel Prize? What do Willard Boyle and the psychotic, and (possible) cat-killer Erwin Schrödinger have in common? They both won the Nobel Prize. Clearly it's a sham.

Every year it's the same... Yoichiro Nambu, Peter Grünberg, John C. Mather, all liberal hacks who have gotten the Nobel prize only because those liberal elitists at the Nobel Foundation want to give a big middle finger to George W. Bush.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, screw those guys! Let's lace their patchouli with laxatives!

    Although let's be honest here: I bet you nobody on the Nobel committee has any love for George W. Bush.