Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cleaning up

With a (much) lighter schedule, the Mrs. and I decided we should start getting ready for the baby getting here. The first order of business is to make room for the baby. This means throwing a lot of crap away. Most of the "crap" was notes and folders from undergrad and the first two years of med school. I've somehow felt attached to these notes, even though very little of it is useful to me anymore (really, I don't need to hold on to my History of Jazz notes). But they had to go. And as I was throwing things away, I saw my Calculus 3 notes and flipped through it and I was amazed that at some point in my life I knew how to do triple integrals. Then I thought, holy shit, what a waste of time. I haven't used it since and will probably never use it again. Was it all a waste? I wonder how much of my education is a waste?


  1. Let me state this once, and once only: nobody should ever dispense of their history of jazz notes. I've said my peace.

    Yeah, I still have all my old college notes collecting dust in the attic. They're probably all going to get recycled when I move. Seems to me that holding on to them would be good to impress the crap out of your kid with your staggering intellect. You know, like your two professional degrees wouldn't...

  2. Oh, I still have my History of Jazz book (it's actually a very interesting read), but I'm afraid the notes are gone.

    You may be right about the keeping the notes, but for now, being able to stand up on two legs will impress the crap out of my kid.