Friday, April 15, 2011

Stupider than I thought

I already mentioned how Arizona sucks... but this new bill (that was just passed) that requires presidential hopefuls to "prove" their US Citizenship to get on the state ballot is incredibly stupid. Accepted forms of proof includes a "long-form" birth certificate (because Hawaii only releases the short-form to the millions of nuts that have been asking for it) or, get this, at least two other forms of accepted proof such as early baptismal certificate or circumcision certificate. Are you serious? Some shady religious nut can forge those in a second. I keep on thinking this country can't sink any lower, but I get proven wrong over and over again. Let's hope that the next piece of legislation doesn't do away with the whole birth certificate thing and instead require a baptismal certificate.

Translation: A black man with a funny-sounding name couldn't possibly be an American.


  1. It must be a breath of fresh air to be away from the homeland for a while.