Friday, March 12, 2010

Take back our textbooks

As expected a bunch of nuts in Texas decided that reality is too liberal and will rewrite history and make up scientific facts to teach students in their public school system. I could say, "who cares it's only Texas", but the publishers don't want to make multiple versions of a textbook and since Texas is one of their largest purchasers of textbooks, the right-winged fake textbooks that they'll make for Texas will be used in other states also. However, I believe we could fight back. The same publishers sell college and professional-level textbooks, and with the insane number of textbooks that I've had to buy in my college and professional school career, I'm sure a huge chunk of the revenue for these companies come from people just like me. So, if professors, researchers, and college students boycott the companies that are complacent in the brainwashing of public school students, I believe we could stop these 11 crazy Texans from robbing the educations of kids from all over the country. (I've tried to find a list of the textbooks that the Texas school board uses, but haven't been successful so far.)

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