Thursday, December 24, 2009

Everything causes cancer in California

... so you'd better stay away. The San Francisco environment commission just approved a measure requiring cell phone manufacturers to say that their products may cause cancer. The mayor is expected to approve it. Even though every legitimate scientific study has found no link. The head of the city's "Toxic Reduction Program" says...
Do you wait until you have proof of cause and effect, or do you look for indications from reputable scientific sources?

Apparently what any random person off the street says counts as reputable scientific sources, because every reputable scientific source I've seen says there is no effect of "radiation" from cell phones on human tissue. That's why everything seems to cause cancer in California, but nowhere else.

ps. Merry something-or-another


  1. Last time I checked, and I'm no expert on brain cancer (oh, wait, I guess I kind of am), the large multi-national study in Europe found no evidence of increased incidence of brain cancer in relation to cell phone usage. Sometimes those California hippies get it all wrong.

    Merry something-or-other to you, too. We're off to New Orleans, so see you in the new year.

  2. Damn hippies. Enjoy New Orleans! Let us know when you get back.