Saturday, December 19, 2009

Breaking News on CNN

Let's see, what happened today? The entire east coast is getting like 2 feet of snow, the healthcare bill got enough votes to avoid a filibuster, the climate conference in Copenhagen comes to an end, and Lil' Wayne gets arrested for pot possession... and none of these stories make the biggest headline on CNN. Instead it's Can Joel Osteen Help You Pay Your Bills? and the poll of the day is "Should information about women who get abortions be posted online?" WTF?? This is what the media has become? A big advertisement for a televangelist as the major headline and a poll that in a country that supports human rights should be 100% No?? Just when I think that US media can't get worse, it proves me wrong. I think I gotta take a tip from my friend, MadDR2 and give up on the news for a bit.

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