Friday, December 5, 2008

War on Christmas

As with every year when Christmas time comes around, along with the nonstop carols, holiday sales and special Christmas episodes of essentially every TV show, comes the religious right and their anger over the (pseudo)war on Christmas. As long as taxpayer money isn't being used, most secular people, including myself, don't give a crap about people saying "Merry Christmas" or stores having Christmas displays*. In fact, to me "Happy Holidays" is just as bad (it's not like I don't know which holiday you're talking about). Either way, Christmas is a holiday that's so heavily used for advertising that it has essentially become secular. The religious right, if they really cared about their religion should, instead, be pissed that their holiday is being exploited for marketing purposes.

So, onward Christmas warriors... the sales are waiting. Meanwhile, I'll enjoy those cartoon Christmas specials. (D'oh, embedding doesn't work with this video, click here to see it.)

*-However, don't expect me to share your holiday cheer, as far as I'm concerned its the start of another cold, snowy winter with ever shortening days... and this is ridiculous!


  1. Damn it boy! You're putting me to shame with my once-a-month updating. You've inspired me to be less uninspired.

    And I agree with you on all fronts of this post: the whole holiday season is blown so ridiculously out of proportion that I can't bring myself to care one way or the other about any war or otherwise on it. To me, the most exciting thing about the season is the winter solstice as that is when I start thinking about how the days are slowly getting longer again. Probably a holdover attitude from my days in the ol' AK.

    Word verification: flyncol, which is what Santa does on his way to my house.

  2. Don't worry, it's the novelty of it. I'll eventually get to your rate of posting (if I don't stop posting completely).