Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Fuel Surcharges

When a barrel of oil went up to $150 this summer, all the airlines started adding extra "fuel surcharges" of tens to hundreds of dollars. For example, the actual fare for a flight from New York to London could be found as low as $160, but with $350 in fuel surcharges and another $50 in various airport fees, all of a sudden you're paying almost $600. Now that oil is less than $50, you'd think they'd drop those fuel surcharges, but I still see them. I know that airlines are suffering from the recession, but it's a bit dishonest of them to have ridiculously high fuel surcharges when when fuel no longer costs that much. They should be honest and just raise fares.

On the pleasant side, I just filled my tank for less than $20 (it was $60 only 3 months ago).

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