Friday, April 12, 2013

Some updates to the ever-growing lists

Been pretty busy the last few weeks and am a little behind on updating my lists.

As sham journals (and scam journals) are on the rise. There has been a recent push towards recognizing predatory open source "journals" that take your money, but have nothing to do with peer reviewing or sometimes even publishing your work. Scholarly open access has an ever growing list that I couldn't possibly top, so a link will get added to my list.

As for my list of religious companies, seven more get added. Anthem coffee shop in Tacoma, WA for canceling on hosting an event after finding out it's an atheist group. Oklahoma Joe's in - you guessed it - Oklahoma that decided not to given it's promised donation to Camp Quest after they got all the extra business from supporters expecting that their eating at the restaurant will go to a good cause. Eden FoodsDomino's Farms and Weingartz Supply Co in Ann Arbor, MI for fighting the new national healthcare requirement to cover contraceptives (and unfortunately winning). Come on, Ann Arbor, you could do better than that. A bed and breakfast in Cornwall, England for refusing to accommodate gays because of their religious beliefs (sorry, once you have a business that is open to the public, you can't discriminate). Finally, the United States Postal Service for a pattern of not delivering packages that say atheist on them.

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