Sunday, January 30, 2011

Revolution fever

A lot of people are excited about the overthrowing of dictators in the middle east. Tunisia did it and Egypt is in the process. Some (idiots) are crediting the U.S.'s policy of trying to "spread democracy" in the middle east (starting with Iraq). A called on NPR wanted to credit Bush for Tunisia's revolution, but luckily, the guest shot him down quickly. The guest said that it actually proves the opposite of what Bush was trying to do. You get effective regime change when you don't interfere (Tunisia) and you get failed regime change when an outside force is interfering (Iraq). Whatever the cause, these revolutions are exciting. Although, I fear that something very similar to Iran in the late 1970's will happen. A popular, largely secular uprising will pave the way for an Islamic Theocracy. Let's hope it doesn't.

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