Wednesday, November 11, 2009

From one end to another

That's what my Pathology attending said when I said I was doing my OB/GYN rotation next. I suppose he meant from one end of life to another (it could have also been from one end of the body to another, since I focused on Neuropathology). I started OB this week. We switch teams every week or so. Right now I'm alternating between an infertility clinic and an OB clinic. I haven't seen enough to comment on (although some of the infertility treatments are pretty clever), but it is nice to be expecting our own baby while on this rotation. It not only motivates me to study a bit more, but it definitely helps relate to what the patients are going through (since I've seen Mrs. mxh go through a lot of the same already). It's also a bit reassuring, since it has made me realize that a lot of the fears and problems that we've had so far are very universal.

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  1. How is Mrs. MXH doing? Must be showing pretty fierce by now.

    Get some practice catching babies! Never know if you're going to have to help deliver MXH Junior. ;-)