Sunday, August 9, 2009

I take (some of) it back

So a week into my rotation in a more rural setting, I'm feeling a bit better. Last time I complained about several things, the most worrying of which was a lack of effort in teaching by the residents and attendings. I don't think I was being completely fair, since comparing a large academic hospital with a smaller rural hospital is not appropriate. The residents and attendings don't see too many medical students, so it makes sense for them to not know where we fit in the scheme of things. It took a few days, but things are going more smoothly now. Although I don't feel nearly as productive as I did at my home hospital, I also don't feel like the burden that I did for the first few days. Also, I know it's difficult for them, but they've gotten better at thinking about what would be beneficial for a med student to see or do. Hopefully the next three weeks will continue moving in the right direction.

P.S. paper charts still suck

P.P.S. everyone really is a Republican, but the blatant anti-healthcare reform postings have been removed.

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  1. Blaze the trails, my friend! I'm expecting them to be awesome with medical students when I go there in two and a half months.