Saturday, May 16, 2009

There go my innocent days as a Mr.

So five (really) smart people decided that my work was good enough for a PhD... personally, I think I just overwhelmed them with the number of pages they had to read. I kind of screwed up a bit on my presentation (but, oh well, most people there had already heard me talk before and knew what I was doing). The closed door session went surprisingly easy. I did get some tough (or unexpected) questions (like "can you ever prove causation?"), but they tended to be questions that had no correct answer. I'm glad it's all over and thanks to those who attended it (like MadDR2, who is weeks away from his own defense... you'll do great, even if you mess up on your presentation like me, you'll get your PhD).

I get about 10 days off before I start med school (I am doing a 2-week Radiology rotation before med school actually starts since I couldn't fit it in my schedule later).

Anyway, I leave you with this (which, with my newly certified expertise, I can assure you is accurate)


  1. Nice work, once again. I didn't notice the screw-up, so you had the rest of us fooled. It all seemed pretty competent and well thought out to me.

    Nice work doing the radiology right off the bat. Mine isn't until February. You'll have to let me know how it goes. And it looks like you're going to have a ton of free time your 4th year.

  2. And yes, because I'm 8 years old and my mind is in the gutter, my word verification was "boning". Ha ha ha.

  3. Do I have to cut that kind of humor out when I become a "doctor"?

  4. Thanks... and no, you don't have to cut that type of humor out, but you might have to leave the patients room, if you're going to laugh out loud (I had to do that when I did that 3-wk medicine rotation so many years ago and the patient said something that my immature mind (along with that of the other students) thought was ridiculously funny).

    Good luck with the rest of the preparation for your defense... I'm sure it'll go fine.